Standing with Residents & Holding Developers Accountable

Dear Friend,

My opponent and her supporters are lying about my record. I realize recently in politics facts don’t matter; but I still believe facts matter, and I wanted to share with you the FACTS.

Matter of fact: I have never voted for a large-scale project as a member of the Delray Beach City Commission.

I NEVER voted on these projects; I was not on the Delray Beach Commission when they were approved:

  • Atlantic Crossing
  • The Aloft hotel
  • The Courtyard Marriot
  • The Ray Hotel
  • Midtown/Sundy house block development
  • The Ipic

Holding Developers Accountable – FACTS

  • I was the only CRA Board Member to vote for the smaller-village-scale project on West Atlantic Avenue that was by far the number one choice by the selection committee.
  • I said NO to allowing another IPIC mistake and crafted a $4 million claw-back clause in the CRA West Atlantic Avenue contract to protect the city’s interests.
  • I said NO when developers wanted to build an unreasonably large-scale development on Barwick Road; instead I presented a smaller, more responsible plan for Banyan Cove.
  • I voted NO to extend the deadline for a developer attempting a larger site plan revision on West Atlantic Avenue.
  • I said NO to a property owner who was suing the city to gain approval to build a 4-story structure on an Atlantic Avenue property.
  • I said NO to midtown three times, only to have a previous commission rush it through before I was sworn-in as commissioner.
  • I said NO to developers who wanted to build a townhome project on North Swinton Avenue in the Lake Ida neighborhood.

Standing Up for Residents

  • I successfully fought for two of the most comprehensive historic preservation ordinances in Delray Beach.
  • I saved a historic home from demolition by relocating it behind the CRA.
  • I said YES to planting 10,000 trees in Delray Beach.
  • I said YES to a smaller, more responsible plan for Banyan Cove.
  • I spent two terms on the historic preservation board fighting to maintain the integrity of our historic districts and historic homes.

I have spent hundreds of hours over decades attending every Visioning and Planning Charrettes for our city, ensuring that I understand what these citizen-driven civic plans envision. None of which any of my opponents have ever attended.

I support thoughtful, sustainable, and responsible development.

I know this is a long email, but I believe you deserve the facts before you vote for your next City Commissioner.

To learn more about my record and vision for Delray Beach, visit


Bill Bathurst

City Commission, District 2