I’m proud of Delray Beach, and I love this City. That’s why I have volunteered my time, served on numerous boards and committees, and serve our community on the city commission.

However, it is a disappointment when my colleague on the commission, the Mayor, is using negative tactics and even acknowledges putting up two candidates to oust commissioners who don’t always see eye to eye with her.(Skip to 1:40:40Shelly isn’t even on the ballot this March, but she has gone so far as using her campaign email account to attack two other city commissioners and me.

Delray deserves better. You deserve better. Here are the facts:

Saving Taxpayer’s Dollars and Tennis in Delray

The City of Delray Beach was stuck in a lawsuit with Matchpoint, Inc., the operator of the ATP Delray Beach tournament that had no end in sight. Shortly after my election, commission colleagues asked me to get involved to see if I could work with Matchpoint to find a settlement. The result, we ended the lawsuit that was costing our city hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. We negotiated a new contract that keeps professional tennis in Delray Beach and saves the taxpayers over $4 million. The tournament is a positive economic driver for our local economy.

Working to Improve Traffic

I advocated for leaving the valet stands as they were temporarily through the season. The entire commission, including the Mayor, agreed to this plan. We unanimously decided on a 6-month extension that would allow us to move Uber and Lyft. If, then, traffic did not improve, we would consider moving the valets again. With major changes like these, I find it best to consider all the options over a longer period rather than making a rash decision. Therefore, I recommend developing a parking and curbside management masterplan that takes into consideration input from all the stakeholders involved.

You can watch the Mayor, and the rest of the commission that was present voting unanimously for this in the link below.

Video of vote is at 1:11:57 mark

Neighborhood Improvement 

An earlier city commission approved Delray Place North with a horrible traffic circulation plan. It forced Tropic Isle residents to illegally use an unsafe alley to access the new shopping center. Customers who needed to go south on Federal Hwy., either used the same illegal and dangerous route or used the intersection at Linton Blvd. and US1. That intersection is a disaster.

The Delray Place South proposal offered a safe way for Tropic Isle residents to access Delray Place North, gives the City a new tax base, and affords Tropic Isle a newly updated center at their entrance, instead of a 30-year-old eyesore. Additionally, the exit from Tropic Isle will finally have two full lanes, instead of the substandard 1 1/2 lanes so traffic can move more quickly out of Tropic Isle. My vote was carefully thought out and strongly leaned on extensive citizen input, recommendations from our Site Plan and Review Board (SPRAB), and in concurrence with the majority of the commission.

These are just a few of the critical issues facing our city and solutions I supported.

Please join me in this campaign at and let’s stand up to negative politics.

Thank you for your support.

Your friend and neighbor,

Bill Bathurst

Delray Beach City Commissioner, District 2