Wednesday night, I took part in the BPOA candidate forum, where I had the opportunity to share my record and my vision for the future to a full house of attendees. It quickly became clear that I’m the only candidate with deep roots in Delray Beach, a longstanding and proven record of service to our city, and a clear plan to protect our Village by the Sea for future generations to enjoy.

I want to thank the BPOA for putting on such a well-attended and well-organized event.

While there, I was able to answer important questions concerning our beaches, dunes, and seawalls.

Our beach is one of our most valuable assets.

I’m focused on:

  • Making sure we properly maintain our dunes, as laid out in the scientific dune recommendations by Rob Baron, as well as in our comprehensive plan.
  • Keeping a keen focus on beach cleanliness and maintenance of our beach area.
  • Ensuring that we are planning and budgeting for upcoming infrastructure and seawall maintenance and replacement.
  • Ensuring building codes in the beach area – and all areas – are not ambiguous to building height and other issues.
  • Consistently improving public safety for beach area residents by adding better lighting, patrolling, and traffic management.

In the last year, while serving on the commission we’ve completed phase two of the beach masterplan. We have been getting great feedback on this success.

I’m the only candidate who has a proven record of protecting and preserving our beaches.

Leadership and experience matter — especially when dealing with complex city budgets, public safety, and historic preservation. I have a record of standing with residents and getting things done for Delray Beach.

More Dirty Tricks by Juli Casale

Unfortunately, Juli’s campaign littered the parking lot with more negative attacks and dirty tricks. Thankfully, people are beginning to notice her campaign only focuses on me while I stay focused on Delray and getting things done.

This election is vital to the future of Delray Beach. Please visit my website at to endorse my campaign and say no to dirty political tricks in Delray Beach.


Bill Bathurst

Delray Beach City Commissioner, Seat 2